HHC (Hexahydrocannabinol)

  • 1ml HHC Disposable Vape

    HHC available now in our unique 1ML disposables! Get your cannabinoid dose in without a hassle by vaping on the go. HHC is a potent cannabinoid comparable to Delta 9, so exercise caution when using this product. Take a single puff, and wait 15-30 minutes before partaking in more. (images do not match current selection)
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  • 2ml Ascend Blend THCP Disposable

    Ascend above and beyond and reach new constellations with our new Ascend blend which includes a mix of cannabinoids meant to bring you the ultimate vape feeling on the go. Now also powered by THCp to enhance your relaxation and mood even further, this THCP vape is unbeatable. We've added more CDT blends, pictures are on their way!
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  • Ascend Blend Nectar (THCP x HHC x THCO x D8)

    One of our newer products, Nectar caters to those in need of immediate relief, or can be used to create edible products. Well-priced, and high quality, grab some! The Ascend Blend is 3% THCp, 31% HHC, 30.5% THCO, 30.5% D8, and 5% terps
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  • Bulk HHC Flower

    We source our hemp carefully, and select only the most potent and flavorful. These HHC strains are a must for anyone seeking the potent experience HHC provides. Unlike typical "mids", you will actually feel a variable difference between strains, so pick carefully!
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  • Concentrate Bundle (15% off!)

    If you've been curious about our newest concentrate line, this is a perfect opportunity to sample two concentrates of your choice. You can select one batter and one diamond sauce product, to receive a 15% discount. This concentrate bundle is a solid choice for those who enjoy different experiences and are curious.
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  • Delta 8 Biscotti 5 Pack (500mg)

    If you're looking to improve Saturday mornings, search no further. These 500mg biscotti are authentic and delectable, a perfect addition to your morning coffee! The subtle notes of the pastry will overtake your senses, followed by a creeping sensation that's sure to lighten your gait
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  • Delta 8 Cookies 5 Pack (500mg-Lemon)

    These potent Delta 8 cookies are hard to put down! Vanilla cookies with a touch of lemon; zesty and doughy all at once. A perfect summertime snack, or wintertime reminder of warmth. We recommend especially for summer! The zest compliments warmth quite well.
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  • Delta 8 Gluten-Free Orange Cookies 5 Pack (500mg)

    These potent cookies are hard to put down! Vanilla cookies with a touch of orange; zesty and doughy all at once. If that's not enough, our Delta 8 gluten-free cookies are, well gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy!
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  • Descend Blend Nectar (HHCP Distillate x HHCO Distillate x HHC Distillate x CBC Distillate)

    This HHCP distillate based blend will provide incredible sedation, with CBC distillate, HHCO distillate, and HHC distillate. It's an incredible blend worth having around for pain and stress Our Descend Blend Consists of: HHCP, HHCO, HHC, CBC, and 5% terps
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