THCO (THC-O-Acetate)

  • 1ml THCO Disposable Vape

    THCO available now in our unique 1ML disposables! Get your cannabinoid dose in without a hassle by vaping on the go. THCO is a potent cannabinoid, useful for focus and mild energy. This THCO Disposable was created to allow you to enjoy your cannabinoid experience on the go. Not to mention the quality of our products.! (Images do not reflect current inventory)
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  • 2ml Ascend Blend THCP Disposable

    Ascend above and beyond and reach new constellations with our new Ascend blend which includes a mix of cannabinoids meant to bring you the ultimate vape feeling on the go. Now also powered by THCp to enhance your relaxation and mood even further, this THCP vape is unbeatable. We've added more CDT blends, pictures are on their way!
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  • Ascend Blend Nectar (THCP x HHC x THCO x D8)

    One of our newer products, Nectar caters to those in need of immediate relief, or can be used to create edible products. Well-priced, and high quality, grab some! The Ascend Blend is 3% THCp, 31% HHC, 30.5% THCO, 30.5% D8, and 5% terps
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  • Bulk THCO Flower

    We source our hemp carefully, and select only the most potent and flavorful. These THCO strains are a must for anyone seeking the potent experience THCO provides. Unlike typical "mids", you will actually feel a variable difference between strains, so pick carefully!
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  • Solventless THCO Flower

    Fire hemp infused with the best concentrates available. We do in-house manufacturing, which means we're able to offer the highest quality for the lowest price. This hemp is sourced from the best farms in America!
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  • THC-O Acetate Distillate

    Take your cannabinoid experience to the next level with our THC-O distillate. THC-O Acetate also known as the Acetate ester of THC which is thought to be up to 5x stronger than Delta-8 THC can bring a psychedelic vibe to your vaping mixes, edibles and dabs.
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  • THC-O Blunt – Moonrocks

    Take a puff of this stuff and see the difference for yourself. Each THCO blunt is always dipped, never sprayed and your lungs will thank you for making the switch. Generously drenched with THCO for maximum potency.
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  • THC-O Gummies

    Delta-8-THC-O-Acetate (THCO) is a novel cannabinoid many users prefer over Delta-8-THC. THCO is known for mood boosting properties with a strong buzz to match. Some find these gummies to be a perfect part of a balanced day. 50mg per square to ensure a good time every time! Feel free to submit us flavor ideas as well.
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  • THC-O Moonrocks

    Take a trip with you whether you are smoking at home or on the go with our trippy THC-O moonrocks. Rather than using Delta-8 in the mix with our CBG nugs; they are covered in THC-O Acetate Distillate and then finished off with CBG kief to elevate your mind to new heights.
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