THCP (Tetrahydrocannabiphorol)

  • 2ml Ascend Blend THCP Disposable

    Ascend above and beyond and reach new constellations with our new Ascend blend which includes a mix of cannabinoids meant to bring you the ultimate vape feeling on the go. Now also powered by THCp to enhance your relaxation and mood even further, this THCP vape is unbeatable. We've added more CDT blends, pictures are on their way!
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  • Bulk THCP Flower

    We source our hemp carefully, and select only the most potent and flavorful. These THCP strains are a must for anyone seeking the potent experience THCP provides. Unlike typical "mids", you will actually feel a variable difference between strains, so pick carefully!
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  • Concentrate Bundle (15% off!)

    If you've been curious about our newest concentrate line, this is a perfect opportunity to sample two concentrates of your choice. You can select one batter and one diamond sauce product, to receive a 15% discount. This concentrate bundle is a solid choice for those who enjoy different experiences and are curious.
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  • Solventless THCP Flower

    This THCP flower will beat anything you can find in a dispensary potency wise, due to the chemical structure. At the moment we're working on acquiring different strains in bulk, so the THCP flower for now is one strain.
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  • THCP Batter (3.5g)

    THCP is an incredibly potent cannabinoid. Our THCP Batter is made from our high-grade concentrates, and has a lovely terpene profile to it, available with CDT and BDT options!
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  • THCP Flower Bundle

    THCP flower is our strongest smokable at the moment, and uses top notch hemp flower to infuse, without solvents. THCP has been likened to a psychedelic experience for some.
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  • THCP Joint (Moonrocks)

    Take off and levitate with our ultimate pre-roll featuring a high dose of THCP along with a strong blend of cannabinoids to amplify its effects even further. Each THCP Joint is always dipped, never sprayed and your lungs will thank you for making the switch. Also includes Delta-8 THC, THC-O Acetate, and HHC.
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  • THCP Moonrocked Blunts

    Levitate with our strongest Hemp Blunt made with a high dose of THCP along with other cannabinoids such as Delta-8-THC, HHC, THC-O Acetate to make for the highest potency possible. Our pre rolls are always dipped, never sprayed and your lungs will thank you for making the switch. 
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  • THCP Moonrocks

    Get ready for a wild ride with our THCP moonrocks. Our THCP moonrocks contain a high dose of THCP and is accompanied with a cannabinoid mix to highlight its effects and elevate you to new heights.
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