HHC Only Products

Cannabinoids legal in certain countries

  • 1ml HHC Disposable Vape

    HHC available now in our unique 1ML disposables! Get your cannabinoid dose in without a hassle by vaping on the go. HHC is a potent cannabinoid comparable to Delta 9, so exercise caution when using this product. Take a single puff, and wait 15-30 minutes before partaking in more. (images do not match current selection)
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  • Bulk HHC Flower

    We source our hemp carefully, and select only the most potent and flavorful. These HHC strains are a must for anyone seeking the potent experience HHC provides. Unlike typical "mids", you will actually feel a variable difference between strains, so pick carefully!
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  • CBD Flower Bundle

    Discounted flower to sample! This product listing is for a CBD flower bundle, offering 15% off the total price vs individual. This is some of the best flower available, similarly to our other products we provide the best available, for a good price.
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  • Descend Blend Nectar (HHCP Distillate x HHCO Distillate x HHC Distillate x CBC Distillate)

    This HHCP distillate based blend will provide incredible sedation, with CBC distillate, HHCO distillate, and HHC distillate. It's an incredible blend worth having around for pain and stress Our Descend Blend Consists of: HHCP, HHCO, HHC, CBC, and 5% terps
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  • HHC Blunt (Moonrocks)

    Take a puff of this stuff and see the difference for yourself. Our pre rolls are always dipped, never sprayed and your lungs will thank you for making the switch. Generously drenched with 200mg of HHC for maximum potency.
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  • HHC Diamonds Sauce (3.5g)

    On par with D9, and pretty. This HHC Diamonds Sauce is made from our high-grade concentrates, and has a lovely terpene profile to it, available with CDT and BDT options!
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  • HHC Distillate

    Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is the hydrogenated form of THC which is thought to be almost as strong as THC itself. HHC is perfect in its own as it is stronger than even Delta-8 THC and can be used in any cannabinoid blend or mixes to amplify their effects and also create a unique experience.
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  • HHC Flower Bundle

    If you've been curious about our HHC flower, this HHC flower bundle is perfect to sample multiple strains to receive a 15% discount. Our flower is the same tier as our other products, you'll be amazed what it looks like in person!
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  • HHC Gummies

    These gummies are sure to put a smile on your face. Treat yourself to a burst of flavor and test our most potent edible yet. Hexadryrocannabinol (HHC) is perfect for those seeking a deeper relaxation and long lasting effects. See why we just can’t get enough of these 50mg squares of goodness! Feel free to submit us flavor ideas as ...
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