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500mg Ascend Blend Gummies (50mg x 10)


Ascend Blend Gummies are now available! For those uninitiated, this blend will knock your socks off. These THC gummies are both delicious and potent.

Each Ascend Blend Gummy contains:

10mg D9-THC
2mg D9-THCP
5mg THCV
33mg D8-THC

We recommend adding this to your order to preserve the product in case it’s too hot during shipping.

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These Ascend Blend Gummies are truly a labor of love, infused with our incredible concentrates, packaged into delicious bites. We’re excited to bring them to you; let’s Levit8.

Ascend Blend COA

These Ascend Blend gummies are delicious, and potent. For this reason it’s important you exercise moderation. Upon consuming one gummy, wait at least an hour before re-dosing.


Passion and Love (Watermelon + Passionfruit), Razzle Dazzle ( Blackberry + Raspberry), Summer Splash (Kiwi + Watermelon)


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