What do alt cannabinoids do?

Why should I use alt cannabinoids?

If you partake in “regular” cannabis, you might wonder why one would prefer Delta 8 and THCPO products. Obviously one advantage is legality in many places. While Delta 8 and other alt cannabinoids are legal in a majority of US states, “cannabis” is federally illegal. Some states have legalized cannabis, mostly due to the immense tax dollars generated by the industry. Colorado is an instance of an outlier, as alt cannabinoids aren’t permitted there, yet cannabis is fully legal. 

What is the future of legal Delta 8?

In an ideal world, cannabis and alt cannabinoids would both exist without penalty in the entirety of the United States. Unfortunately, for a wide array of reasons, cannabis legalization has been at a snails pace compared to the hemp industry. Additionally, there are more states that permit alt cannabinoids compared to those that permit cannabis. Hemp products are federally AND state wide taxed, meaning the federal government benefits from CBD and other hemp derivatives that are all below 0.3% Delta-9 THC. For those seeking an experience that’s similar to “regular” cannabis, alt cannabinoids provide an alternative that’s legal for a many people who cannot legally obtain “regular” cannabis. 

What are the benefits of THC?

There is a constant barrage of emerging studies showing the various ways cannabis/cannabinoids can provide medicinal and recreational potential. Medicinally, there’s a lot of unknowns at this point. We know anecdotally that THC and other psychoactives can assist with PTSD, among other neurological conditions. THC is a known appetite stimulant and nausea blocker, which immensely benefits people who struggle with eating, an extreme example being chemotherapy patients. We also know CBD and other CBx cannabinoids provide subtle benefits with minimal psychoactivity. Again, CBG and CBD show promise for anxiety and PTSD, as well as physical conditions. Very little of this topic is understood, as prohibition held back research significantly. Leafly has provided an excellent chart explaining the emerging potential

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