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What is HHCPO?

    HHCP-O is potentially THE most potent cannabinoid, with incredible recreational value. It’s a hydrogenated and acetylated THCP form, which is sold in just a handful of places. HHCP is potent in its own right, so imagine an acetylated form of it! If you’re still asking yourself “what is HHCPO?”, read on.

    How Strong is HHCPO?

    Despite being a new and acetylated form of HHCP, HHCPO is still derived from HHCP. According to research, acetylation can increase the potency of a basic cannabinoid, meaning that HHCPO is more potent than HHCP. That is why the high psychoactivity of HHCPO is its key selling factor. The cannabinoid HHCP has been discovered to be 1.5 to 2 times more potent than HHC.

    Furthermore, HHCPO is expected to be more potent and active than HHCP and HHC alone. Furthermore, some studies have found that HHCPO has a stronger affinity for CB1 receptors than delta 9 THC. When you use a distillate that combines with fat, HHCP is more prominent in your system than Delta 9 THC. When it comes to edible strength testing, HHCP comes out on top.

    Effects of HHCPO

    HHCPO is the acetylated form of HHCP, and the effects are almost the same. According to anecdotal evidence, HHCPO is a more robust and long-lasting variant of HHCP. Some claim it is more potent and active than HHCP. You can also advise users that some of the HHCPO’s effects may not be felt. Some of the adverse effects include pleasure, increased hunger, relaxation, and an increase in tension.

    Driving or operating heavy machinery under the influence of HHCPO is not advised because it is thought to be more psychotropic than other drugs. HHCPO is comparable to THCP in many ways; a handful of the symptoms are similar but more severe:

    · Slightly More Powerful than HHCP

    · 33x More Powerful than HHC

    · Will result in drunkenness

    · It will make you sleepy

    · Caused in anxiety

    · May cause paranoia

    The advantages of HHCPO are comparable to those of other THCs, such as Delta 9 THC and THCP. Some examples of these effects include but are not limited to effects that can last anywhere from one to four hours, with a subsequent increase in thirst and appetite. Because this cannabinoid is quite potent, take it with caution to avoid negative impacts.

    Where can I find HHCPO?

    Here at Levit8 we’re proud to manufacture our own products, so our HHCPO has been rigorously tested and is a higher potency than the competition! Check out our HHCp-O products here!

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