Is HHC legal in Sweden?

Is HHC legal in Sweden?
HHC, short for Hexahydrocannabinol, is a hydrogenated derivative of the THC cannabinoid and it's legality in Sweden is debatable.

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What makes HHC Legal?

While in the US the law distinctly permits THC analogues federally under 0.3% delta 9 THC, internationally is a different story.

In most countries we ship to the THC limit is 0.2% for ALL forms of THC. This means Delta 8, THCP, etc are all impossible to ship to those countries, or at least without serious legal repercussions.

There’s now HHC, HHCP, and HHCPO on the market, which isn’t an observed form of THC at the moment for those countries. It’s simply the hydrogenated form, and is ideal for those overseas seeking alt cannabinoids.

What is HHC?

As stated above, HHC is a hydrogenated form of THC. Hydrogenation is essentially adding hydrogen to the THC until HHC is formed. Its potency is about 1:1 with Delta 9 THC, with each corresponding molecule being equivalent to the THC form. Meaning, HHCO will have similar potency to THCO, HHCPO is incredibly similar potency wise to THCPO.

What does HHC feel like?

As stated above, the potency is almost 1:1 with THC. While THC might have an uplifting and energetic effect, HHC and its derivatives tend to have a calming effect, which can put you to sleep if you over-indulge. You’ll notice our calming products have HHC, it’s an incredible molecule for anxiety and sleep. We’re still testing to find the array of uses, but this far it seems like a godsend for those in select countries, and for those domestically who struggle with stress and sleep.

Where can I buy HHC and the others?

If you’re searching for high grade HHC, look no further. Our HHC has a huge r isomer content, and will impress even the pickiest.

We’ve created a category specifically for those eligible to legally purchase these products internationally.

Our HHCP is incredibly potent, again with a sky high amount of the R isomer form. Go slow on these products.

We sell the highest R-HHCPO on the market, which seems to amplify the effects further:

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