Delta-8 THC Edible - Krispy Rice 5 Pack (500mg)

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A staple of bake sales nationwide, each delectable Delta 8 edible will give you flashbacks to fond memories, and provide them as well. Whether you’re going out, or staying in, you will enjoy the enhanced experience these snacks provide

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Delta-8 THC Edible - Krispy Rice 5 Pack (500mg)

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The D8 edible flavor and texture of these Krispy Rice Treats are just as mouth watering as you’re imagining right now. Dangerously delectable, ingest with moderation!

Read about Delta 8 THC here!

This product contains Delta 8 THC, an intoxicant. Do not drive or operate machinery while using it. Keep out of reach of children

2 reviews for Delta-8 THC Edible – Krispy Rice 5 Pack (500mg)

  1. Cody Caudill (verified owner)

    These are great take awhile to kick in but once they do, you’ll definitely be floating!

    • Levit8 Staff

      you’re right they can have a longer onset time depending on your body, but they do get you lofted to the ceiling and they keep you there a long time 🙂 THANK YOU AGAIN CODY! Use code: 420SALE for 42% OFF your next delivery

  2. Brad

    I’ve tried many and these Delta 8 Edible – Krispy Rice 5 Pack (500mg) are quite nice!

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