Delta-8 THC Nectar

One of our newer products, Nectar caters to those in need of immediate relief, or can be used to create edible products. Well-priced, and high quality, grab some!

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Delta-8 THC Nectar

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100g, 28g


Afgoo (Hybrid CDT), Banana Sherbet (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Birthday Cake x Runtz (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Blue Dream (Sativa CDT), Blue Razz (Indica BDT), Blueberry Lemonade (Indica BDT), Blueberry OG (Indica CDT), Cali-O (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Cannatonic (Hybrid CDT), Cereal Milk (Hybrid BDT), Face On Fire (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Fruit Punch (Sativa BDT), Fruit Snacks (Hybrid BDT), Gelato (Indica CDT), Gelato Fire (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Golden Ticket (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Grape God (Indica BDT), Grape Soda (Indica CDT), Green Crack (Sativa CDT), Guava Jam (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Gushers (Hybrid CDT), Key Lime Pie (Hybrid BDT), Lambs Bread (Sativa CDT), Layer Cake (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), Lemon Fuel (Sativa Live Resin CDT), Lemon Jack (Sativa CDT), Lemon Pound Cake (Sativa BDT), Melonatta (Indica BDT), Mimosa (Sativa BDT), Mimosa (Sativa CDT), Mona Lisa (Sativa Live Resin CDT), Orange Creamsicle (Sativa BDT), Orange Peel (Hybrid CDT), Pineapple Express (Sativa BDT), Purple Punch (Indica BDT), Purple Punch (Indica CDT), Purple Urkle (Indica CDT), Rainbow Sherbert (Hybrid BDT), Remedy Kush (Indica Live Resin CDT), Runtz (Hybrid BDT), Sour Alien OG (Indica BDT), Space Queen (Hybrid CDT), Stardawg Guava (Sativa BDT), Strawberry Blonde (Sativa CDT), Strawberry Cough (Sativa BDT), Strawberry Cough (Sativa CDT), Strawnana (Indica BDT), Tangie (Indica BDT), Trainwreck (Sativa CDT), Tropical Storm (Hybrid Live Resin CDT), White Widow (Hybrid CDT), Zookies (Hybrid BDT), Zour Apples (Sativa BDT)


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