Veganic THCA Live Sugar Gummies

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Indulge in our vegan THCA gummies, made with real organic fruits like blueberries, raspberries, and mangoes. Each packs 5mg THCA and 5mg Delta-9 THC, with a Live Sugar infusion for amazing flavor. Perfect for bulk buyers, loved by businesses and individuals alike!

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Veganic THCA Live Sugar Gummies


Discover premium bulk THCA Live Sugar Gummies with Levit8 Farms. Our gummies, each containing 5mg of THCA and 5mg of Delta-9 THC, are perfect for businesses looking to expand their offerings with high-quality, farm-direct products. We provide exceptional, organic, and vegan THCA Live Sugar Gummies at unbeatable prices, ensuring your customers get the best.

At Levit8 Farms, we emphasize a farm-direct approach, guaranteeing that every gummy is made from the finest ingredients and highest quality THCA. Our gummies are made from real, locally sourced Florida fruit, crafted in Sunny Sarasota, Florida. This direct sourcing ensures transparency and excellence in every batch. No middlemen, no compromises—just pure, potent gummies delivered straight to you.

Why choose Levit8 Farms for your THCA gummy needs? It’s straightforward. We offer more than just a product; we provide a complete solution. Our THCA Live Sugar Gummies are available in bulk making it easy to brand the product as your own.

Our commitment to your success is unwavering. We understand the challenges of the market—demanding customers, regulatory hurdles, and intense competition. That’s why we don’t just deliver gummies; we deliver reliability and peace of mind. Our team works diligently to ensure every order is seamless, from initial inquiry to final delivery.

Farm to Table Quality THCA Gummies

Imagine offering your customers farm-direct, organic, and vegan THCA Live Sugar Gummies. It’s more than a product; it’s a testament to your dedication to quality and dependability. With Levit8 Farms, you gain access to a diverse range of flavors and dosages designed to meet the evolving needs of the market.

Ready to enhance your brand with our THCA Live Sugar Gummies? Contact us today to explore our bulk options and discuss customization opportunities. Experience the difference with Levit8 Farms and let’s build a successful partnership together.

Partner with Levit8 Farms and redefine what it means to deliver quality without compromise. Join us in shaping the future of cannabis edibles with integrity, innovation, and a steadfast commitment to excellence.

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Levit8 Farms offers premium bulk THCA Live Sugar Gummies, each 10mg, organic, and vegan. Made from real Florida fruit in Sunny Sarasota. Available in private label options: Click here to contact us. Customize with your logo or let us handle it for you. Farm-direct quality at unbeatable prices.

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500 Veganic Gummies — $225.00, 1000 Veganic Gummies – $400.00, 2500 Veganic Gummies — $925.00, 5,000 Veganic Gummies — $1750.00, 10,000 Veganic Gummies — $3,200.00, 25,000 Veganic Gummies — $7,500.00, 250 Veganic Gummies — $150.00


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1 review for Veganic THCA Live Sugar Gummies

  1. Krissa

    My favorite gummies! I slept so good. I was alert and focused during the day.

    • Levit8 Staff

      Your support means everything to us.

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