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    A bill was JUST introduced in the U.S. Senate, furthering legislative progress on the legalization of Cannabis, called the Cannabis Administration and Opportunity Act, (CAOA). While this sounds positive and unimaginable, there’s a reason it’s been so easy to push through. This Federal Cannabis Legalization would indeed make Cannabis legal, left to the states to decide for themselves.

    However, this bill limits percentages to ridiculously low limits that inhibit medical use and even recreational to an extent. It contains a segment specifying new Hemp regulations; “the bill would also create a new federal definition for hemp that would increase the permissible THC by dry weight to 0.7 percent from the current 0.3 percent, but also make it so all THC isomers would be included in that total, not just delta-9 THC”.

    Not only is this percentage disastrous for alt-cannabinoid companies, it’s borderline oppressive for those that currently rely on Delta 8 or other THC isomers. Instead of permitting the hemp industry to continue with an already working system, this new legislation would limit those THC isomers to dispensaries, wherein taxes and fees will cause a $15 cart to reach $60+

    This bill offers a lot, however it comes with massive downsides. Promoting Social Equity and Cannabis Legalization are two of our main focuses here at Levit8, making this an awfully muddied issue.

    We’ve added a code to help for the foreseeable future, as it’s critical to stock up while you can. Stay safe, and stay hydrated 🙂

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