AWAKEN Mushroom Chocolates

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Treat yourself to Awaken mushroom chocolates and experience a transformation in your daily life. These luxurious chocolates come in two exquisite options: Awaken Dark Chocolate Golden Enigma Blend and Awaken White Chocolate Blue Pearl Blend. 21+ Only!

AWAKEN Mushroom Chocolates



Treat yourself to AWAKEN mushroom chocolates—crafted to make you feel like royalty. These chocolates are not just Vegan, Gluten-Free, and 100% organic; they are pure gold for your consciousness. Designed to be priceless gems, they offer more than just a delicious taste. Each bite is infused with mental health benefits, enhancing cognitive function, emotional well-being, and overall mental clarity.

AWAKEN Dark Chocolate Ingredients: Golden Enigma Blend, Organic Dark Chocolate, Cacao, Coconut Sugar, Cordyceps, Lions Mane, 24K Monatomic Gold Oil, Inca Sun Salt

AWAKEN White Chocolate Ingredients: Blue Pearl Blend, Organic Vegan White Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, Lions Mane, Blue Lotus, Blue Majik Spirulina, Blue Persian Salt

Single – 1g per piece / 4 pieces per pack / 4g total

For Mind and Body

Indulge in the decadence of our AWAKEN chocolates. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life, these treats are a true treasure for your mind and body.

Dive into a world of pure indulgence with our AWAKEN mushroom chocolates. These exquisite treats are not just about satisfying your sweet tooth; they are meticulously crafted to elevate your mind and soul. Imagine savoring a chocolate that not only delights your taste buds but also provides a holistic boost to your mental and emotional well-being. That’s what AWAKEN chocolates promise—each piece is a journey to enhanced cognitive function and improved mental clarity.

Dark Chocolate Golden Enigma

The AWAKEN Dark Chocolate is infused with the Golden Enigma Blend, a powerful combination of Organic Dark Chocolate, rich Cacao, sweet Coconut Sugar, energizing Cordyceps, brain-boosting Lions Mane, the mystical 24K Monatomic Gold Oil, and a touch of Inca Sun Salt. Indeed, this blend is designed to invigorate your senses and elevate your mind to new heights. It’s a luxurious experience, merging the best of nature with artisanal craftsmanship.

White Chocolate Blue Pearl

On the other hand, the AWAKEN White Chocolate offers a different yet enriching experience. The Blue Pearl Blend features Organic Vegan White Chocolate, aromatic Vanilla Bean, cognitive-enhancing Lions Mane, calming Blue Lotus, superfood Blue Majik Spirulina, and a sprinkle of Blue Persian Salt. Each bite offers a serene and enlightening experience. This blend is perfect for resetting and recharging. It provides a tranquil yet powerful journey to mental clarity and focus.

Enhance Cognitive Function and Emotional Well-being

These chocolates are not just for those who appreciate luxury—they are essential for anyone looking to enhance cognitive function and emotional well-being. Whether you’re stuck in a rut, struggling with focus, or need a delicious way to boost your mental health, AWAKEN chocolates are the answer. Their carefully selected ingredients work in harmony to reset your mind. They help you think clearer, feel better, and focus more effectively.

Every piece of AWAKEN chocolate is a testament to quality and care. We believe in providing you with chocolates that are not only delicious but also pure and beneficial. That’s why these chocolates are Vegan, Gluten-Free, and 100% organic, ensuring that every bite is a nourishing experience.

Take a moment for yourself and indulge in the ultimate luxury with AWAKEN chocolates. Let the rich flavors and potent ingredients whisk you away to a realm of mental and emotional well-being. With every bite, you’re not merely enjoying chocolate—you’re embracing a lifestyle of health, clarity, and enhanced cognitive function.

Don’t settle for average chocolate. Choose AWAKEN mushroom chocolates and discover the treasure of improved mental clarity and emotional balance. Each piece is an investment in a more focused, vibrant, and joyful you. Treat yourself today and experience the transformative power of genuine quality.

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1 Chocolate – $120.00, 5 Chocolates — $500.00, 10 Chocolates — $900.00, 25 Chocolates — $2125.00, 50 Chocolates — $4000.00


White Chocolate (Blue Pearl Blend), Dark Chocolate (Golden Enigma Blend)

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  1. Cooper

    I have PTSD and anxiety that mushrooms help me with. I grew up around a lot of abusive people. I am using this chocolate to help me put the past where it is, in the past. I am also writing a book now. Microdosing this has really helped me with my confidence and not blaming myself for everything that goes wrong.

    • Levit8 Staff

      Thanks for being a loyal customer!

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