Mush Luv Veganic Magic Mushroom Gummies

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Savor the refreshing taste of Mush Luv Vegan and Organic Magic Mushroom Gummies. Made with premium magic mushrooms and organic Florida fruits, they elevate your mood, ignite creativity, and provide a soothing, enjoyable experience.

Mush Luv Veganic Magic Mushroom Gummies



Discover the Mind-blowing Blend of Flavors and Effects with Mush Luv Veganic Florida Fruit Magic Mush Gummies

Indulge in the exceptional fusion of flavors and potent effects with Mush Luv Veganic Florida Fruit Magic Mushroom Gummies. Crafted with a proprietary magic mushroom extract, these gummies provide a distinctive and enjoyable way to experience the benefits of magic mushrooms.


  • Delicious Flavor: Refreshing organic Florida fruits.
  • Proprietary Mushroom Blend: Made with a meticulously selected mix of high-quality magic mushrooms.
  • Convenient Dosage: Each gummy contains an exact amount of Mush Luv magic mushrooms for consistent effects.
  • Vegan and Organic: Composed of all-natural, vegan ingredients and organic mushrooms.
  • Easy to Consume: Enjoy the advantages of magic mushrooms without the taste or hassle of traditional methods.

Mush Gummies Benefits:

  • Enhanced Mood: Feel an uplift in mood and overall well-being.
  • Increased Creativity: Unleash your creative potential with heightened cognitive flexibility.
  • Improved Focus: Stay sharp and focused with the aid of Mush Luv’s proprietary blend.
  • Natural Relaxation: Relax and de-stress with the soothing effects of Mush Luv mushroom gummies.


Usage Instructions:

  1. Start with a Low Dose: If you’re new to magic mushrooms, begin with one gummy and wait for 60-90 minutes to gauge its effects.
  2. Adjust as Needed: Depending on your experience and desired effects, you can gradually increase your dosage.
  3. Store Properly: Keep gummies in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.


  • Consult a Doctor: Before using, especially if you have a medical condition or are taking medication.
  • Keep Out of Reach of Children: These gummies are intended for adult use only.

Why Mush Luv Gummies Are Superior:

Mush Luv gummies are distinguished by their meticulous crafting with vegan and organic ingredients, ensuring a product that is both eco-friendly and health-conscious. By choosing only the finest organic mushrooms and plant-based components, Mush Luv provides a pure and natural experience free from harmful chemicals and animal by-products. This dedication to quality not only enhances the effectiveness of Mush Luv gummies but also aligns with a lifestyle that values sustainability and ethical consumption. Enjoy a superior product that supports your well-being and the planet.

Indulge in the Green Apple Goodness:

Immerse yourself in the citrusy Green Apple Magic Mushroom Gummies and embark on a flavorful journey of enhanced well-being and creativity.

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Additional information


2 Count Pack (1.0g Magic) — $27.99, 7 Count Pack (3.5g Magic) — $69.99


Green Apple, Pineapple, Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry Lemonade

3 reviews for Mush Luv Veganic Magic Mushroom Gummies

  1. Ben Robinson

    Wow I did not realize this was going to be such a strong trip! I love the Buzz and am feeling very vey happy and carefree, more than usual.

  2. Ernie C.

    A fun ride and a real eye opener. I just need a half gummy and I am lit.

    • Levit8 Staff

      We appreciate your glowing review.

  3. Wes Crowder

    They get me so high

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