Terpene Types – What’s the Deal?

By using terpenes extracted from actual cannabis, it increases the psychoactive properties of the cannabinoids.

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What are Botanically Derived Terpenes (BDT)

Odds are you’ve used Botanical Derived Terpenes before reading this article. They’re the most versatile form of terpenes and can be crafted to create artificial flavors such as key lime pie. Due to their origin, BDT are authentic to the terpenoid taste and effects, though the taste might feel artificial since they’re blended together and not an exact strain or flavor prior to mixing. This means one may enjoy BDT products with an open mind, they’re versatile and the blends we utilize are incredibly authentic compared to many of our competitors. We take great pride in our Botanically Derived Terpene products due to the incredibly authentic and tasty experience, at a very good price point. 

Whether or not you’ve tried BDT in cartridges or gummies, we highly recommend the experience. In todays market it’s difficult to decide between purchasing options, we recommend sampling various companies to find your preference. Our products specifically have been rigorously tested for quality, flavor, and effects. As we move forward, it’s important to promote the potential benefits terpenoids provide. Many medical patients swear by specific profiles for their specific needs, which usually coincides with a blend of cannabinoids to enhance the experience using the “entourage effect”. This is a theory that’s becoming established fact with studies; essentially when ingesting a specific blend of cannabinoids and terpenoids enhance the overall experience and medical benefits, even for pain patients in rare cases. 

A primary benefit of Botanically Derived Terpenes is the versatility of flavor blends, as CDT (cannabis derived terpenes) only draw from the plant matter. BDT come from a variety of plants, meaning one may combine a variety of actual fruit terpenes such as limonene. These terpenoids enable the creation of flavors like Blue Razz and other non-cannabis flavors. Give ours a shot!

What are Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)

While BDT gives you the option to customize flavors precisely, CDT has a different approach with interesting benefits. By using terpenes extracted from actual cannabis, the effects of the cannabinoids are theorized to increase psychoactive properties. These terpenes also taste authentic which means they will have a more prominent scent, so don’t hit a vape in church.  

The cannabis plant can output an innumerable amount of cannabinoids, some of which are psychoactive. These psychoactive “alt cannabinoids” can be produced naturally, using specific strains, while others require going through chemical processes before their final state. These cannabinoids interact with terpenes, which is where CDT shine. Check our CDT Products out!

What are Live Cannabis Derived Terpenes (CDT)

If you’re a flavor chaser, you can’t go wrong with these terpenes. They’re extracted from cannabis plants that were frozen immediately after harvest. You can’t smoke the flower at this stage as it requires curing, but the trichomes may be extracted using ice cold water and light friction. This process ensures a higher and more vibrant level of terpenes compared to standard CDT.

As discussed above, CDT offer the ability to increase the effects using the entourage effects. Imagine that, but even better somehow. The taste is so strong, and has an equally powerful scent. Once you’ve tried this champagne of terpenes, it’s hard to go back. Live CDT Products may be found here!

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