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What is THCP flower?

    THCP Flower

    Frequently we’re asked what the “flower” in our store is exactly. We take CBD/CBG rich strains with less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC, then we dip to infuse. Typically brands will mix the distillate with a solvent like ethanol, then spray the flower with it. This can leave trace elements of the solvent, which are then ingested when smoked. 

    While easier, the long term effects logically are more significant using solvent to infuse flower, rather than simply dipping.

    What is THCP?

    THCP stands for tetrahydrocannabiphorol. It was discovered as recently as 2019, so there hasn’t been much (if any) official research on its effects quite yet. The only research we do have has been exploring its safety and potency using animal and in vitro cell cultures.

    Here’s what we know so far.

    THCP exists naturally in cannabis plants — albeit in very low concentrations. It can be extracted and isolated from hemp and marijuana using chromatography techniques.

    This cannabinoid appears to bind to the CB1 receptors 33 times more often than delta 9 THC. Activation of the CB1 endocannabinoid receptors is what gives THC and THCP their psychoactive effects.

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